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Ayrton Magic dot,magic dot moving head light

Magic dot 

is a little fixture,that is less than 11pound.but is have high power when working.this light is equipped with a 60w osram led chips,can make a sharpy beam effect.

Small body that comes out 5 pin&3pin dmx in&out.

One power con in .

Once we have released it ,we have got good feedback from the customer.that come from B&K lighting,Omez lighting ect.

Now you can check the video as below,once you like it freely contact with .Ayrton Lighting

User manual of Ayrton Magic dot

Specification of the Magic dot-R


Contact: Tommy Nie

Phone: 13178889118

Tel: 13178889118

Email: info@ayrton.cn

Add: BaJiangDongLu 6th,JiangGao Zhen,BaiYun District,GuangZhou,China

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