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First look Magicblade-R

First look Magicblade-R

First look Magicblade-R,at 26th Feb. 2016 ,we have publish the magicblade-r light,it is a high bright led moving head light bar.

Magicblade-R is published at 26th Feb 2016.

You can see the specification and key point of it as the following informations:

Key point:
1.pan&tilt 360 degree unlimited rotation
2.color screen
3.Touch button
4.60W high brightness led source

How about the pan&tilt:
The pan&tilt that is unlimited rotation

How about the LED source:
The magicblade is equipped with 6pcs 40W led.

Do you have photo of this light?
Yes ,you can have the first look at below.


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