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Why Ayrton Lighting

Why buy moving head light from www.ayrton.cn? and choose Ayrton Lighting as your magic pannel and magic dot moving head light supplier!

1.Full support from Ayrton Lighting

We provide full support from ayrton.cn,you can find the FAQs,Manuals and DMX desk Lib on the website.

2.Full support for the desk lib

We supprot all the lib type,includiing MA2, Pear 2010,and tiger touch lib.

3.Online technology support

We give online support for you,we will help you to know the light well

4.Warranty-1 Years Guarantee

We provide 1 years Guarantee,including the magic pannel,magic dot,moving head light.Any parts borken in 1 year,a new one will be send to you free.

5.Factory from Ayrton.cn

Ayrton Lighting give the best support for you to hit the market,all the products moving head light,ayrton magic pannel,magic dot will be sold on factory price without anyopther cose.All item are 100% new.


Contact: Tommy Nie

Phone: 13178889118

Tel: 13178889118

Email: info@ayrton.cn

Add: BaJiangDongLu 6th,JiangGao Zhen,BaiYun District,GuangZhou,China

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